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Pork Chops

For this dish I decided to stick to classic flavour combinations. Pork and sweet potato are a common combination on many blogs I’ve been sifting through. The same can be said about balsamic vinegar. The apples and sage however have been paired up with pork since before internet blogs existed.

Pork Chops


The pork itself is cooked simply with just a touch of salt before it was thrown on the BBQ. The cucumber and apple are just tossed in some pork juices I collected in the resting process. The sweet potato is just mashed sweet potato with some crushed garlic.

Pork Chops


The black sauce is probably the only element to the dish that would appear uncommon to most people however I assure you that it is, like the other elements, also very simple. To make the black sauce one just gently cooks diced onions until translucent. Then, one reduces some balsamic vinegar and mixes it into the onions. An optional touch of Worchestershire sauce (for some added Umami) can also be added at this point. Finish the sauce with some chopped basil before blending it into a Purée. I think it goes delightfully with pork chops.

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The story here is much like the one for the scallops. Halibut is expensive and hard to find fresh in these parts so I jumped at the oppourtunity when it presented itself. HalibutThe spices on the halibut were mostly warm spices so I figured a cool cucumber salad would balance the dish nicely. The dressing’s elements (greek yogurt, hari chutney, and lemon juice are separately scattered throughout the dish. I’ve said it many times before, when I get my hands on an ingredient like halibut I tend not to tamper very much.

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