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The tricky thing about cooking more than one ingredient is that they often do not take the same time to finish cooking. For instance, in this dish I serve carrots, asparagus, and potatoes along with the steak and all three cook at different times. This makes timing difficult as the goal is to have everything finish around the same time. This way nothing becomes dry or gets cold.


Little things to note when calculating when to start what ingredient are things like the time it takes for meats to rest, the time it takes for potatoes to reach an edible temperature, etc. When everything finishes at the same time you get the maximum flavour out of every ingredient. Timing is often overlooked and underrated. Getting it right makes a massive difference.

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Salmon with Tartar Sauce

Growing up in a Vietnamese household I’ve tried a lot of different seafood. For some reason at an ambiguous point in my life I stopped eating lots of different fish. My mother became obsessed with salmon and so from a seafood point of view I was exclusively being fed salmon throughout¬†high school. Needless to say I felt extra bad when I learned about the overfishing of salmon for the first time. On top of the new found guilt I had just grown sick of the taste. This was too bad for me because once upon a time all I knew how to cook was salmon when it came to fish. I did eventually discover how to cook other fishes. I experimented with as many different types of seafood as possible! Well I guess this post is really just an announcement to those who knew what salmon and I used to have. I may not be ready to settle down but we are getting back together!

Salmon on Asparagus w/ Tartar Sauce¬†I must admit I don’t usually make tartar sauce or mayonaise by hand but after this experience I think I am going to have to. I’m not sure I can go back. When its homemade you have total control over the taste letting you get it to exactly how you like it.

As for the salmon I prefer cooking it with the skin on. The skin protects the salmon from the direct heat of the pan and to me is quite tasty when its crispy. Sitting this on top of a bed of asparagus spears and under a lemony tartar sauce was good enough to make me forget about the overfishing problem for a bit. Hey… at least this was Wild Caught Alaskan.

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