Irvin’s Devilled Eggs

I was supposed to put up something about my thanksgiving today however some technical issues with my hard drive means I don’t currently have any photos of the Turkey. Luckily, my brother decided to make everyone breakfast earlier that day and I had my camera ready.

Devilled Eggs


All you have to do after hard boiling the eggs is scoop out the egg yolk and mix with mayonnaise and dijon mustard until smooth. Then put the mix back where the egg yolk was taken out to complete the egg. I finish the eggs with paprika, black pepper, and some diced celery. I like to serve these eggs with some crispy smoked bacon to add another dimension to the dish.

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2 thoughts on “Irvin’s Devilled Eggs

  1. Jay says:

    This looks amazing! Thanks for deconstructing how it’s put together so the rest of us lesser mortals can try it too :)

  2. […] did deviled eggs last fall but I didn’t include a recipe. While I was stuffing my face with these last week I […]

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