Eggs & Bacon

This is the ultimate classic breakfast. There isn’t really much to say about bacon and eggs that hasn’t been said before. It is a combination that just works. Throw in a piece of toast and you have such a tasty breakfast for so little work.

Eggs & Bacon


I did take the time to go and get smoked bacon though. Also I had the bacon sliced about twice as thick as you would find in any Schneider’s package.

My tip for cooking bacon is to start the bacon in the pan cold, which goes against the golden rule of cooking on a stovetop. This is for two reasons. First, bacon is made up of a lot of fat. When the fat of the bacon hits intense direct heat of the pan if you wait for the pan to get hot first, it will curl. This makes cooking your bacon evenly pretty much impossible. Second, bacon has a lot of fat and if you throw it in a hot pan the fat will be sealed in which is not nice. Starting the bacon in a cold pan and then turning on the heat allows for the inedible fat to be rendered out so your bacon can end up crispy all over. The last thing you want is chewy bacon.

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