A bowl of chili is perfect for when it’s chilly (this will be the worst joke I will ever publish, I promise). As lame as that was, I couldn’t think of a single thing I’d rather be eating today as I stare out into the cold from my apartment window. What makes the cold worse are the various examples of crappy windows found throughout the apartment. Insulation was clearly not a top priority. There are many theories on how to deal with this problem, most of which have been described more colloquially as “ghetto”. One suggestion was to just wear more layers. Another suggestion was to plastic wrap the windows. While trying to figure out this issue I had to tide myself over with something warm and comforting.


There are also many theories on how to enjoy chili. I like to finish my chili with fresh red chilis, a dollop of sour cream and a bit of onion sprouts. Admittedly, I did not make my own bread. I have to give Pan Chancho Bakery credit for their delicious sour dough. If you live in Kingston and haven’t paid them a visit, you are missing out. They unknowingly have become the only place I get bread from.

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